Thursday, December 29, 2011

Memory Keepsakes

Yesterday I said goodbye to my mom, her husband and my step-sister. Step-sister and I walked to Wallyworld from the restaurant where we had breakfast. I wanted to buy a baby-doll for C-o-M and sparkly red shoes for LB. While waiting in line to pay, I pulled out my little wristlet. Now, I hate this thing - it's hideous! - but it is a dollar store special (and functional) so I'd purchased it on our trip to Miami.
Anyway, step-sister asked if I'd made it and I explained that I actually bought it - but there came a new idea. Many people have asked if I made the wristlet or where I bought it. So after mom, step-dad and step-sister left I went back into Wallyworld and headed over to the craft aisles. I bought some new beads, stocked up on hot glue, replaced the liquid stitch and found some new ribbon. We came home and I started thinking, trying...we came up with these:

Child-of-Mine had to have this!

So it's not quite a wristlet - and these aren't lined...we're still working on the logistics. But they're up in the Etsy store:

What suggestion or cute new idea has stirred your creative juices?

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