Monday, March 26, 2012

Anatomy - a girl's body

"Mommy, why do boys have dingies?" ~ LB
"Mommy, what is that hanging-down thingy?" ~ LB
"Mommy, do I have what you have? Will mine be as big as yours? I hope they're bigger!" ~ CoM

Yeah. So we're studying the human body this week. All men and all women have basically the same things. We don't have the same privates, true, but all the pieces are still there. Oh, and women have one more thing men don't. We're not going there.
We have 5 senses. So last week we covered our eyes with a black scarf and stuffed cotton in our ears. We were blind and Deaf. We learned the importance of learning Sign Language - and this week we're doing a reinforcing class in Sign. We bought a magnetic book on the human body so CoM can put together a body. Heart, lungs, ribs, arm bone, leg bone, hands, intestines, liver and kidneys. Each page has something new for her to discover.
I bought CoM an American Girls book on self-care and hygiene. She's an avid reader and seems to soak up information like a sponge. I'm very proud of our girl. LB wants to do what sister does, of course, so is learning by watching and doing.
This looks to be a very interesting week, then we're off for a week of Spring Break and celebrating the Cross and Resurrection of our Lord.
What are some ways to care for our bodies beyond the regular bath/hair/teeth routines that are affordable and effective?
What are your favorite at-home spa recipes?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Good Day

Remember the Beakman's World science show?
Saturday science class we watched the episodes, as found on Netflix instant play, that discuss the phases of the moon and about the sun. 45 minutes of education in a funny, informative way the girls didn't mind learning. Yay :)
Afterward, they watched the first episode of Adventures in the Book of Virtues, which used to air on PBS and fulfills literacy requirements.
Then we made sandwiches and went on a picnic to the park, Chehaw Park, and the girls made several new "friends". We stayed out for about 2 hours, running the dog, playing with the girls, sliding and swinging, hiding and just having fun.
All-in-all we had a good, learning-filled, day.
How did you kick off your weekend?

Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm a Sap!

Part of our school curriculum calls for faith-based videos. I've avoided reading and investigating the Soul Surfer, Bethany Hamilton, because of the whole fad thing.
However, I sat the girls down tonight, after dinner, and found Soul Surfer on Starz OnDemand. I have to say - I really missed out on something. The girls have so many questions about "what happened and why she was so excited because she lost the nationals, & how did she get two trophies - what did the girl in black mean by sharing the win?"
How many opportunities for growth have we missed because we value our differences and independence?