Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Creative Learning Possibilities and Questions:

Okay, so I'm struggling this time to make it through the school term. I'm in a bit of a funk & with LB's seizures, it makes concentrating on my schoolwork quite challenging.
Taking LB to another neurologist tomorrow. She's not able to turn doorknobs & actually open doors. I thought it was something she'll grow out of but right now am just hoping that it's a symptom or side-effect of her medicines. Anyone have feedback on Depakote or Clonidine? She's taken the Depakote since October but started the Clonidine in February (ish). We've gone a bit backwards in her learning, as she seems to regress after seizure-activity episodes. Btw, guess who lost her second tooth? Yep! She's adorable :)
LB's First Lost Tooth

CoM is absolutely brilliant! She's scoring at around 5th grade 9th month in her math and 8th grade 10th month in her vocabulary, while her reading comprehension is around 10th grade. Yay! Now just to keep her challenged and engaged while learning. Suggestions on keeping her interested? Maybe some "Learning through Play" ideas?

What are some ways that you are meeting your challenges? How are you approaching the oncoming fall/winter months? Are you ready for Christmas (we have CoM's birthday in just over 2 weeks, then Nonno's, then Thanksgiving, then we can finally focus on Christmas! Oh, remind me to post about the Feast of St. Nicholas. I want to do this....)

Blessings ~