Something a Little Different

Here is where we can talk about the harder things: Change. Transformation. Seeking for Answers. Looking into psychotherapies and into various other theories of behavior and trying to find that "it" that fulfills us. 

      This is NOT a counseling page. I am not a licensed professional counselor. Anything I say, write or share is not to be taken as "my therapist says" is not law nor is it rule. Mostly, I'll want to share the things I learn here with you. Some of these things will simply be links to other blogs or sites, sometimes I'll post resources available via Amazon. I am an Amazon affiliate, so those links will, hopefully, come from there. If you are not comfortable with me earning a percentage off your potential purchases, feel free to look up the information on Amazon's main page. 

      Sometimes I'll ask guests bloggers to post, at other times I'll share my ramblings. At all times, feel free to share your struggles, triumphs, thoughts and life with us. Do keep in mind that this is the internet and is an open blog - there is no confidentiality here. 

      Here it is our intent to:

"Relieve the necessities of God's people; always practise hospitality" (Romans 12:13) and to remind you that Christ promised a Counselor, the Holy Spirit. We are not your Holy Spirit, neither do we intend to take the place of your conscience or own will.

       So, ask away. Give me a problem, a scenario to research, ask questions to get us all thinking, or ask questions about theories, therapies and counseling techniques. Let's expand our intellects and share "wisdom through the ages".

Blessings as we embark on this journey together ~

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