Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Been that Long?

Has it really been that long? More than 6 months. Wow. Well, life has been hectic. LB is still having seizures. I'm still volunteering at Care Net. CoM is learning the value of money by earning an allowance and saving up for those things she really wants to own. And both girls have their own CDs now, so that's a relief for them - college, house, or even a wedding; the money is theirs.
We've been creating, of course, but I haven't uploaded any photos lately. We'll get back to that. I have my Prepare/Enrich facilitator's certificate so hope to start doing that as part-time work. Oh, and I finally graduate with that master's in human services/marriage and family counseling in May. Woohoo! So excited.
Well, my few readers, it's off to run errands and then go catch a movie, maybe. Have y'all seen the latest Marvel movie?