Saturday, December 17, 2011

School's done - six years in the making...

Six years ago I started back to school to work on my bachelor's degree. Two years ago I declared a double-major. I really didn't know what I was getting into. The new major was very interesting and really challenged my mind. I enjoyed (almost) every class (statistics for psychology - yuck!). Yesterday I took my last final for the last class needed to graduate with a bachelor's in Psychology/Christian Counseling. I passed :D And now I have the excellent news that I also passed my last final for the last class needed to graduate with a bachelor's in business management.
I promised my little girls that if I passed and could graduate, I'd be "Mommy"! again - we once had routines and schedules and I was involved. *Within the past 4 years I allowed the housework to slide and the girls were cared for but had to really work for my attention.* Where I was able to go to Child-of-Mine's school for kindergarten, I haven't been able to for Little Bit's. Now I can.
Working full-time, part-time, going into the military, sick children, family drama - all these "parts of life" dragged out the learning experience. Finally, finally!, it's done. I want to pursue my master's and go on to attain a doctorate but, for the next few years, my children will have their mother back. The doctorate can wait until they graduate high school if need be.

We are very excited and cannot wait to celebrate the next stage of our lives and maybe even my career.
This is such a blessed Christmas gift and we'll take it with hands outstretched and smiles of peace, sounds of joy echoing in our hearts.

What unexpected (or even expected) and long-awaited goal have you reached this year?

*Neither girl suffered harm or neglect. Thankfully I have a wonderful family who was able to step in at various times and help out when we needed it.*

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