Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A New Year

A new year, a new life?
No, not necessarily. However, we do have a praise: we moved! We moved from Georgia to New Mexico. We left behind the old and are putting on the new.
What does that mean for our family? Well, it means that we are more dependent on one another; we have to learn to work together more than we did before...
Since LB has seizures, it also means another round of neurologist appointments and keeping track of her medication. CoM's asthma has greatly improved. She's only had 2 attacks since we moved to the higher elevation.
The air is cleaner, crisper, fresher here and while there is dust everywhere (it is mountainous desert, after all), our allergies are not as bad as they were.
We are so excited to be here!

I am still homeschooling the girls, of course, and recently ordered LB some new curriculum. We're going to try A Beka's phonics program and I bought a year's subscription to ABCmouse for her math. CoM is working on her spelling and her computer skills.

We are renting a house that has a decent-sized kitchen. Yes, I've already made a mess in it. Banana nut bread: check! Indian tea? check. Cookies? not yet, but soon. Scones? No, not yet. I know, I'm slipping! Sugar biscuits, buttermilk biscuits, yummy-yummy-yummy biscuits? check. I took these crescent rolls and stuffed them with strawberry preserves and cream cheese. They were a hit in the house. :) I've also used strawberry cream cheese and just strawberry jam. It's all good. Makes for a fairly quick breakfast or even a nice during-the-day treat.
CoM is learning to cook. She can boil water (don't laugh - my aunt can burn a pot of water!), make instant potatoes, macaroni & cheese, hotdogs, sandwiches, and she can even start the harder dishes or cook rice (with supervision, of course. ***Disclaimer: always supervise your children in the kitchen, around the appliances and the sharp objects or glassware.***). Her all-time favorite, though, is just throwing fruit together and serving a fruit salad or providing a selection of healthy choices. *sniff* I'm so proud! :)
Speaking of...I'm getting hungry! It's almost supper time here - we haven't quite adjusted to the two-hour time difference yet.

So what does that mean for our creative selves? Well, not much has changed. I'll post some new and familiar designs later. CoM actually has someone who will teach her to knit AND dance (thanks, Dee!). LB has children with whom she can play.
And what do I have? My God, my children, my family, a job I love, school studies...

So how is your new year shaping up?

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