Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas a Little Early

So my dad, my girlies' granddad, is moving. Before Thanksgiving. Won't be here for Christmas. LB asked me what Christmas is for and I told her it's for Jesus' Birthday. So now, she and CoM have taken the $6 worth of plastic tinsel and thrown it around the living room, decorating for Jesus' birthday party. Yes, one of our family traditions is to bake and decorate, a birthday cake for Jesus. We also sing a Happy Birthday song to Him, in the hopes that we will remember to celebrate Him, and not just ourselves, on that day.
In the meantime, since my dad is leaving, we went ahead and bought our Christmas tree so we could have it before he left.
(As I told my mother "Who am I kidding? I wanted to buy a Christmas tree and this is my excuse for buying it early!" and yes, dear friends, it IS decorated. LB and CoM enjoyed throwing the decorations up - literally, for LB.)
$25 pre-lit Christmas tree from WallyWorld
How long does your family wait to decorate for Christmas? Does your family have a tradition of decorating around Thanksgiving? What is your favorite memory of this upcoming season?

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