Sunday, October 28, 2012

Christmas WishList

I found this cute little parenting/Christmas wishlist on Pinterest: 

We changed these up some and wrote our messages to Jesus...
CoM says "Dear Jesus, thank You for being born! Thank you for putting Yourself on the cross so that we could go to Heaven. Thank You for giving us stuff." ~ 
LB's says "Dear Jesus, thank You for being born! Thank You for dying on the cross and for giving us everything we need and for going up to Heaven!" ~ 

CoM's wishlist: 

What I want: Working Laptop (keep dreaming, kid!)
What I need: Warm Boots (LB wants to get these for her)
I'll wear: Sweater (I think I can swing that!)
I'll read: FableHaven Series (I'll see what I can do)
What I'd love: Enough money to move (working on it!)

LB's wishlist:
What I want: a Playhouse (me, too!)
What I need: rain boots (CoM's getting these for her)
long-sleeve shirts
warm coat (I'm looking around for these)
I'll wear: a rainbow outfit: rainbow skirt, shirt, gloves, hat, jacket and tights (help!)
I'll read: fairy princess books (any leads?)
children's Bible (age appropriate) (Still looking for this one!)
What I'd love: the life-size (full-size?) "playhouse I can take my babies in, my stroller, my know, all of it" (again, me, too!)

My wishlist:
What I want:
a manicure - I haven't had one in 9 years
Christmas decorations (all ours were left/lost in MS)
Good TEAs
a nice blender
a Women's devotional or study Bible
a good pair of brown boots like I pinned (thanks my Grace gals!) to pinterest
What I need: Binders for school
Printer paper & ink
hair care items (barrettes, ponytail holders, braiding helps)
I'll wear: sweatshirts
yoga pants (I LOVE my yoga pants)
longish skirts
I'll read: Love Inspired Suspense
Terri Blackstock
Dee Henderson
Counseling Books (okay, yeah, that should go up with "I need")
What I'd love: money to move on :D
a makeover - I haven't had one since my wedding more than a decade ago.

I know it's early but we've been saving up all year for this and the cd matures next month. If we don't have a plan we won't have anything left for Christmas.

I want to buy a tree this year - one we can decorate and that will last for years (unless someone has one they'd like to donate? I'm not below begging!)
We're also looking for an Operation Christmas Child location. We have $25 to spend (set aside, $20 plus the $5 for shipping) for that, plus the girls are giving up some of their toys and clothes this year for some other child who wouldn't get a Christmas otherwise.

How does your family celebrate the holidays? We posted pics today on Facebook of the girls carving their pumpkin and then the finished product. We're hoping to bake the pie tomorrow (a missing nut on my $15 blender really puts a kink in that plan!). We don't do halloween but we do celebrate bringing in the Harvest, so all fall will be a celebration! We have Thanksgiving and Christmas. What are some of your family traditions?


  1. Thanks for all those great links. Christmas gift making has been on my mind lately and I have a few ideas but will visit your links for more.

    thanks a lot for sharing
    Christmas Gifts For Him

    1. No problem, Julian! Thanks for reading :)


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