Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our First Private Schooling Field Trip

So I enrolled the girls in SIRES Academy, an online private academy based in South Carolina. They offer two programs, one for Christian homeschoolers and one following a more liberal, or "public" schooling. SIRES follows the Maryland state standards for education - so it was an easy choice for us. They offer music, dance, theatre, art, computer, foreign languages, health, physical education and more in addition to the nation's normally required subjects.

As part of our curriculum we are required to take the girls on field trips. So today we went to Hilton, AL, and visited a covered bridge. We found river rocks, saw the "waterfalls", found out how cold the water is (and why we couldn't go swimming today!), had a picnic and chased the dog back and forth from the car to the creek.

We started CoM's home-ec today with basic stitching - up and down, in and out, basic stitching. She has an awesome basting stitch.

What are some ways to get back in touch with nature and our history?

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