Saturday, January 14, 2012

Homeschooling in Art

Due to the girls' illnesses we ended up deciding, with the public school's support, to homeschool. The school was very helpful and eager to provide us with guidance in where to look or how to encourage the girls' learning.

This past week has been very hectic, dear readers, as LB doesn't like school! and CoM loves to learn but wants to focus on art.
Denver Art Museum has a whole education section for teachers, covering visual, dramatic and musical arts. We studied the African nkisi and the girls made their own faces out of clay. CoM then built a monkey man out of the Kinex she received from Meemaw for Christmas. Pictures will be uploaded soon.
Yesterday we got out the oven-baked clay and made our own beads. The girls agreed that Barbie and Ken would have a birthday together so we made a cake and a banjo. We followed the directions on the back of the box, allowed it to cool then painted. I pierced the clay for the banjo before baking it. Once the banjo was cool and dried I then strung it with denim thread and hot-glued it in place. This also allowed me to build in a "bridge" to produce "sound" (two threads, similar tension). The cake we painted pink then hot-glued three pink roses on top. Ken played Barbie a song this morning and they sang Happy Birthday.

Silly, beautiful, Creative them!

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