Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Little Fae, A Little Faith

Ever been so inspired by something you just want to work at it furiously for days?
Over the weekend I started rolling clay together. I wanted to make hand-made flower beads and see how they turned out. I went to put the finishing touch on the flowers, adding in leaves and hinting at details...only to see a face pop out, a dress or a hat appear. Without meaning to, just in applying slight pressure while I attached the petals, I pushed in an impression of eyes. I went ahead and continued working, creating several little friends. The girls are so excited about these that I've decided to see if I can sell the Faerie Friends and their Accessories at our Etsy store.

Keep checking back with us and see how we're doing.
I'm going to start letting CoM blog her daily assignments so be sure to follow along on our journey in homeschooling!

How often do you celebrate your children's imaginations? What are some ways that you share in their creative play?

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